Pharmacy Student Research

2019: Duong Nguyen Phi Long – “Chemical compositions from Vietnamese lichens and their antimicrobial activities” – Consolation Prize in “Student Research Competition – Eureka 2019” – the most prestigious scientific research competition of students in Vietnam.
2018: Tran Quoc Vuong, Nguyen Xuan Loc, Nguyen Thi Loan – “Streptomyces from soils and antimicrobial compounds” – Third Prize in Oral section – “Finding the Elixir 2018 – a Research Competition for Pharmacy students”.
2018: Nguyen Phuc Nhan, Nguyen Phuong Thanh, Dao Duc Binh, Tran Thanh Son – “Myxobacteria from soils and rotten tree trunk and their antifungal activity” – Third Prize in Poster section “Finding the Elixir 2018 – a Research Competition for Pharmacy students”
2017: Vo Linh Tu – “Breaking the spores of Ganoderma lucidum“.

 Bachelor of Pharmacy – Diploma Thesis – 9 in Total

2017: Hoang Tran Viet Ha – “Evaluating antibacterial activity of some Asteraceae extracts on E. coli and S. aureus“.
2017: Pham Thi Duyen – “Well – Agar Diffusion Assay for Determination of Lovastatin in a Pharmaceutical Preparation”.
2018: Le Quang Thang – “Isolation, Identification and In vitro Characterisation of Probiotic Yeast Strains from fruit peels”.
2018: Vo Le Cong Trang – “Screening antibacterial activities of some lichen species in Vietnam”.
2018: Nguyen Huynh Kim – “Isolation Actinobacteria from soil samples at industrial zones in Ho Chi Minh City”.
2019: Duong Nguyen Phi Long – “Chemical compositions from Vietnamese lichens”.
2019: Nguyen Hong Trang – “Isolation and evaluation of antimicrobial activities of lichen-associated Actinobacteria”.
2019: Tong Minh Phi – “Antifungal Cream Preparation of Galangal Rhizome Extract”.
2020: Nguyen Thanh Dan – “Chemical composition from Penicillium shearii: an endophytic fungus” (in Collaborative Training with Department of Pharmacognosy).

 Master of Pharmacy – Mentoring of Ongoing Diploma Thesis Students – 2 in Total

2019: Nguyen Cap Tang – “Evaluate the effectiveness and safety of early antifungal treatment in patients with invasive candidiasis”.
2019: Ton Hoang Dieu – “Developing and Validation multiplex-PCR test for identification Candida spp. in Vietnam”.